If Wishes Were Horses

Halloween has been and gone, and I did indeed get my grumpy ass outside amongst the trees to make another wish or two. But, to be honest, when I found the special place, and got my head all silent and into a proper sort of wishing mode, I realised that I couldn’t really think of anything to wish for. Not for myself anyway. Weird. Maybe this means that, actually, I am content. Who’d have guessed?

However, having gone to the trouble of seeking out an Opening into Otherness (ably accompanied in the search by my latest witch’s familiar, Little Tom), it would have been churlish to waste the opportunity for a bit of wishing. So I made a couple on behalf of a few of the special people in my life, and then dutifully thought of one for myself. I mean, I couldn’t just leave the fairies sitting around on their expectant little bottoms, all dressed up in their wish-fulfilment outfits, with nowhere to go.

So, once again, there is another of my Intentions out there, floating around in the Universe, gathering the momentum to become manifest in my life. I guess maybe this is really just another way of saying that I have put my mind to achieving something. Sometimes, creating your own reality can be a bit of an effort. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Little Tom, at last out of the cold and inside on the sofa:

And, for those of you wishing to exercise your imagination or play Find The Fairy, here is a picture of an Opening into Otherness:

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4 Responses to If Wishes Were Horses

  1. Mike (formally known as He Who etc etc) says:

    Does this mean that I’m finally going to get my Gibson Les Paul?

    Where is your OIO?

    • Val says:

      Oh Michael, Michael, Michael! Don’t you know I would never wish for anything as tacky as a material possession – even for my worldliest of worldly friends. Methinks you should find your own OIO and do your own wishing.

      Jane knows where this one is, so she can tell you (if you ask her very nicely, and make her a cup of tea).

      • Mike (formally known as He Who etc etc) says:

        I do not desire a Gison Les Paul because I am a materialistic person but because I am an artiste 8>). Michael Angelo wouldn’t have painted the Cistene (sp?) Chapel with brushes that were going a bit hard.
        I built my OIO in the garage of the last dwelling and created dreams in it and then Jane made me sell it. It was like selling my heart and soul. And things. I will build another OIO where I can dream. And annoy the neigbours.

        • Val says:

          Hmm. I didn’t know one could build OIOs. I’ve always stumbled across mine outside in quiet, leafy places, unruffled by human intrusion. Are you perchance a wizard?

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