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OK I admit it. Sometimes it takes me a really long time to get to the point. But bear with me – we’re nearly there.

So where were we….

I’d created my Intention, planted it out there in The Universe, and now I was sitting, waiting for it to grow. According to Steve Pavlina (oh, how I wish he didn’t look and sound quite so…so… All American) the next stage in the process of Manifesting Intentions is what he (somewhat irritatingly) calls “Alpha Reflection“.  According to this, within 24-72 hours of putting out a new intention, I should experience the alpha reflection. This is the validation that the intention has taken hold. Apparently this often takes the form of a very noticeable synchronicity. Sometimes the synchronicity will be part of manifesting the results; other times it may just be an acknowledgement that the intention was received.

Why people so often feel the need to invent fancy jargon to describe simple processes is beyond me. Let me attempt a Plain English translation….

I create a vision of what I really really want, and then tell the Universe to “make it so”. Within a few days I’ll start to notice little coincidences and such-like, related to what I’ve wished for. These might actually be the start of the dream coming true, or they might just be little messages from the Universe to let me know my wish has been noted.

Nothing new there then. We’ve had this sort of thing happen before, (neighbours knocking on the door to offer us land to use, for example) so we sort of know how it works. Of course, I hadn’t completely filled Simon in on the details of my recent ‘conversation with the fairies’, so he was a little more surprised than I was when an email from Frank (remember Frank?) appeared in my Inbox a couple of days later. Frank said that they’d run into a bit of a hitch with the house they were buying, which may or may not be resolved, and were thinking that if our house was still an option, it might help them to sort things out.

Cue lots of Serious Thinking and Serious Talking. Frank wasn’t saying they definitely wanted to buy our house, but even before we responded to his tentative enquiry, we had to talk about what we would like to happen. We fairly quickly agreed a theoretical position which, after all, was where we’d already got to the last time I’d (belatedly) emailed Frank to say we might be willing to sell.

A few days, and quite a few email exchanges later we found ourselves having to say a definite yes or no about whether we would sell our house in Roquetaillade. Although very loathe to give up everything we have here, I had already pretty clearly stated my intention to the Universe a week ago. I hadn’t specifically said I wanted to sell this house – merely visualised the sort of different life I wanted to have, and left it open to the Universe to decide how this might actually come about. But Simon had a bit of catching up to do. (Note to self – next time I make a wish, maybe I should mention it to Simon first?)

Sometimes though, you have to ask yourself just how many times Opportunity has to knock on your door before you let it in. This was now our third chance to sell this house to Frank and Phil. We have our dreams. They have theirs. And somehow our fates have become inextricably intertwined in the fabric of the Universe. To say No now, and close the door on this chance to more fully realize our dreams would surely be perverse in the extreme.

So that was it. We said Yes. Yes to Opportunity. Yes to the Future. Yes to the Unknown. We have organised things with the Notaire, and arranged for all the pre-contract house reports to be done. And we have committed to signing all the papers and moving out of the house in the Spring, even though, as yet, we don’t have anywhere to go to. Sometimes Life is like a parachute jump. You just have to open the door and make the leap. And hope that the Big Guy in the Sky has packed your parachute properly.

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3 Responses to Message Received

  1. Colin says:

    I keep asking the universe if I can win the lottery but it aint bleedin’ happened yet…!

  2. Val says:

    It’s no good asking to win the lottery you peanut! You need to focus on the underlying desire, and be clear about what you want to ‘manifest’ in your life. You may think you desire lots of money, but really you only desire what the money can make possible. And some of those things can happen without you having to win lots of dosh. Also, you don’t want to limit the Universe by prescribing the way in which your intentions should be realised. There’s more than one way to skin a Happiness cat.

  3. Colin says:

    Ah so thats where I’m going wrong! Will apply all you have said above and start making plans to visit you in my private jet…. When I win the lottery! 😉

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