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840 hours

Five weeks have passed since Simon’s last (and notably brief) post. Which means that Baby William (aka Wild Bill) is now five weeks old, and his parents feel considerably more than five weeks older. After a honeymoon period of a … Continue reading

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Estimated Times of Arrival

Later today I will be flying to England to begin a month’s visit, planned to coincide with the birth of my second grandchild. The thinking processes involved in deciding which flights to book reminded me of the unpredictability of Life, … Continue reading

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Out with a Gurgle

2011 may have been an exceptionally dry year, but its final twenty-four hours did their best to put things right. The morning of the last day of the year found gushing rivers where tracks were supposed to be, and ponds … Continue reading

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Wishing it could be Christmas every day

How very odd. Our uneventful and largely unfestive Christmas Day turned out to be a Very Lovely Day Indeed.
It really was a tremendously ordinary sort of day. All the animal-related tasks got done in the usual way at the usual … Continue reading

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A Not-Christmas Story

It was the night before the night before Christmas. Snow was not falling softly on the dark and empty landscape, and no angelic sound of distant carol-singers rolled in breezy breaths over the bereft fields from the silent, unlit village.
Inside … Continue reading

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Just Like That

Well, more than a week has passed since my last cliff-hanging post, and I’m sure you’re all desperate to know what happened. Except, (because I have been so rubbish at updating the blog over the last few months) I don’t … Continue reading

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