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Happiness is like a cat

FFS! (As they say in textland). How is it possible that TWO MORE MONTHS (plus a bit) have passed since my previous post. Perhaps I have finally discovered the Art of Living In The Moment, rather than endlessly reflecting on … Continue reading

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New Things

I’m beginning to think this blog may have had its day. Purportedly it is about “leaving the UK to raise llamas and other animals in France”. Well, what can I say? Been there, done that – movin’ on. If it … Continue reading

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Out with a Gurgle

2011 may have been an exceptionally dry year, but its final twenty-four hours did their best to put things right. The morning of the last day of the year found gushing rivers where tracks were supposed to be, and ponds … Continue reading

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Pension Plans

Oh dear. It has been a shamefully-long time since my last post. An even longer shamefully-long time than the last shamefully-long time between posts. Of course, there are reasons aplenty for this most recent lapse in output, but I can … Continue reading

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All Dried Up

I want to write a post. I really do. Yesterday I actually got 500 words into one before taking a break to go and do the animal chores. Mistake! Having just returned to it with the intention of completing it … Continue reading

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In memoriam

So, Max is gone. But, as they say, not forgotten.

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