The walk was fine!

With three of us, we were confident that we could take all three walking llamas out together. It all went remarkably smoothly . . . They all accepted having halters fitted after they had eaten their customary breakfast. Then, the new bit – leads attached – and all was still calm.

We set off down the track – Val leading with Duc, me in the middle with Valentine, and Sumi bringing up the rear with Ana. We had reasoned that this would be the most settling combination, and allow Sumi to have the smallest and least powerful llama.

This turned out not to be a brilliant idea. Ana has only been walked twice – and both times with me. By the time we reached the wheat field, she was getting pretty jumpy, and giving Sumi a hard time. Although Sumi was incredibly calm, a change was needed. She and I swapped llamas, and we turned them all round and headed for home.

The return went very smoothly, and they were soon unhaltered and relaxing with us on their favourite bit of the field. As you can see in the video, they were not exactly distressed after the first mass walk!

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