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How like the prodigal doth she return . . .

I am writing this oh-so-rare post with a cat snuggled down on my lap. Nothing odd about that, you might think (apart from the fact that I am writing a post at all, when I seem to have given up … Continue reading

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(Non-llama) Drama

Just to keep the more avid readers up to date, following on from Val’s last post . . . Val has gone to the hospital with her daughter, contractions having started very early this morning.  The latest text message from Val … Continue reading

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No more kittens?

The cat surgery was completed successfully and two very unsteady and disorientated cats came home to the barn. As Val left the next day to spend two weeks in the UK, any issue over their care fell to me.

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In praise of . . . . . Acacia

One of the characteristics we were looking for when we chose this farm was an abundance of trees. There is a wide variety here, from the grand oaks under which the female llamas shelter from sun and rain, to the … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things (Still) Are

Val has told of her worries that she had become a destroyer of baby birds. I thought she was being a little pessimistic and decided to keep an eye on things. As you can see, the nest was certainly pretty … Continue reading

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Elif and Lenny Llama are pleased to announce . . . .

It’s just over a week since Lilas lost her baby at the very last moment. Val’s off again to the UK, fulfilling her grandmotherly destiny, so what better time for a live llama birth? I’d been saying on the phone … Continue reading

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