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Elif and Lenny Llama are pleased to announce . . . .

It’s just over a week since Lilas lost her baby at the very last moment. Val’s off again to the UK, fulfilling her grandmotherly destiny, so what better time for a live llama birth? I’d been saying on the phone … Continue reading

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A matter of Life or Death

“Llilas is giving birth — and I don’t think it’s going well!” Val rushed in to the house on Monday afternoon, and departed immediately carrying a pair of binoculars.

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How do you tell if a llama is pregnant?

This may not be a question that has ever concerned you, but bear with me. On March 24 last year, in the wake of the traumatic biting episode, Lenny was introduced to the females he I had suffered so much … Continue reading

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The baby grows up

Lilas was born at the end of October. So she is now just four months old . . . . . But she behaves like a teenager. Lovable but stroppy; determined to be treated like an adult, but full of … Continue reading

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A good name is better than precious ointment. *

After long deliberation, a consultation exercise worthy of New Labour (i.e. we’ll present a limited number of pre-vetted options to those who are likely to give us an answer we want, then decide whatever we want, and then tell everyone … Continue reading

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If Names are Not Correct…

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that, for a blog that purported to be about ‘raising llamas’, we had posted precious little about said animals in recent weeks. So Simon got out the video camera and accompanied … Continue reading

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