A good name is better than precious ointment. *

After long deliberation, a consultation exercise worthy of New Labour (i.e. we’ll present a limited number of pre-vetted options to those who are likely to give us an answer we want, then decide whatever we want, and then tell everyone how we have responded to public opinion), and much debate in the car, across the dinner table, and in bed . . . . . .  the baby has a name.

She is henceforth to be known as Lilas. As Val has already explained, this is pronounced leela and means Lilac. So, you might think we have chosen it because of the baby’s delicate beauty, like the flower which fits with our name ‘theme’:

lilac flower picture

Well, no.

She has, of course, some colouration which could be seen as having a lilac hue – though this could turn out to be grey/brown in adulthood. But she is not the soft, sweet flower that her name could be seen as implying.

In fact, she’s a right little bruiser. She still comes charging into the catch pen with all the grown ups each morning, and stands right in the middle having a pee. Then she goes around barging into the peacefully munching adults, as if to say “Give me some attention, NOW!” When we are standing quietly, watching the llamas, we often feel something pulling at us from behind. Yes, it’s the baby, chewing on a handy piece of clothing. Boot laces are a particular favourite, and she is also working on how to open zips.

Picture of Turanga LeelaThis is a more fitting image for the name! Turanga Leela is the lead female character in the animated television series Futurama. According to that great research tool Wikipedia, she is “a cyclopean human mutant, designed as such as a deliberate subversion of the sex appeal normally associated with women in science fiction.” Despite having only one eye, “Leela is very athletic and in great physical condition. Most males in the series find themselves unable to match her in physical combat.” Now that sounds very much like Elif, Lilas’ mother. Like mother, like daughter. And the lilac hair is right too . . . .

Oh well, maybe not.

Whether or not there’s a good model in the flower world, or in TV fiction, Lilas still seems right. And it did receive substantial support in the consultation. Well, yes, it did come second to Violette . . . . But it still does seem right. It’s a good name.

So, Lilas it is then. OK?

*[Ecclesiastes 7:1]

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