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If Wishes Were Horses

Halloween has been and gone, and I did indeed get my grumpy ass outside amongst the trees to make another wish or two. But, to be honest, when I found the special place, and got my head all silent and … Continue reading

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In memoriam

So, Max is gone. But, as they say, not forgotten.

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We’re all on antibiotics

Well, actually that’s an exaggeration. But recently antibiotics have been pretty central to my life, and now Valentine the llama is joining me in the dubious delights of amoxycillin.

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Attachment and Loss

I am bereft. Naughty Chicken has died.

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Ticked Off

This year is becoming one that I shall remember for the medical consequences of animal bites.
In March, I had the rare but painful experience of being bitten by a llama.
In June, I was bitten by a tick, and yesterday that … Continue reading

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And we’re back . . . . .

Val and I have just had our first week away from home together since we moved to France 2½ years ago. Thanks to good friends who came out from England to ‘farm sit’, we were able to leave the animals … Continue reading

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