To blog or not to blog?

It’s coming up to two months since I posted anything of substance on the blog. I haven’t left everything to Val, even though she has done 13 posts in that time. I’ve done the ‘technical’ stuff (although I have now taught Val how to load and insert her own photos) and I’ve changed the blog’s basic design to take advantage of some of the features of the new version of the bogging software (WordPress).

But basically, I have felt little inclination to write anything. Why is that?

A large part of it is that, as Val has said many times, and in many ways, time flies by.
This isn’t because our life here is one of unremitting labour!

It would be possible, if seeking to do the minimum, to average no more than two or three hours a day between us tending to the various animals and maintaining the land.

That could leave a huge amount of time for blogging. But, to be honest, I have not sat around bursting with creative urges to write. It’s not that I am overwhelmed with work, rather that I am absorbed by tasks. I have been spending my time on other things . . . . and as a result, I have done no blog posts recently.

I said to Val the other day that maybe I had had enough of blogging. This was a sort of verbal experiment: how did it feel to say that I might give up permanently? The answer is that it felt OK; that I realised that if I decided to stop it would not leave me feeling dissatisfied.

I really enjoy reading Val’s posts, and like having the blog archives as a sort of diary of our life here. Maybe it would be enough for me to let this be Val’s blog, and become just a reader.

However, raising the subject prompted me to consider whether there was anything I wanted to write about. And there is. So my blogging input is about to resume. For a while at least.

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