Can I borrow your llamas?

Returning from working in the field today, I was approached by a man I didn’t recognise. He asked if I spoke French, and then we had an intriguing conversation.

He explained that he owned a vineyard nearby, and he wondered if he could borrow our llamas to graze among his vines. I said that surely this would a mistake, as the llamas would eat the vines. Oh no, he said, I’ve already tested it, and it’s fine.

I was now struggling with the language, and wondered if I had misunderstood something crucial. It was only when he went on to explain that what he had actually tested was grazing sheep among vines that I understood what was going on. I explained that, although llamas might look a bit like big sheep, their eating habits were more like goats.

He quickly withdrew the request . . . Shame in some ways – it could have been quite exciting watching the llamas munching their way down a line of vines!

It certainly shows that the word has got around about our plans. We’re also getting more and more friendly waves and smiles as people drive past the field. Not sure if they are admiring what we have done, or just laughing at the lunatic English and their odd behaviour. When the llamas arrive we suspect people will be stopping and asking whether they make good eating . . . .

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