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Sunday Strange

This is just a quick and somewhat random post prompted by a strange collection of thoughts basted in a few too many glasses of red. Today I have attended my three-year-old grand-daughter’s birthday party, and arranged to travel down to … Continue reading

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Letting Go (again)

During a conversation this weekend with our llama-loving friends, Sue asked us if we were really planning to sell our place here and move to England. “Of course we are” I said, wondering why she might think otherwise. She pointed … Continue reading

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Alright (for) Now

Time seems to be tumbling forward these days. I guess that’s what happens to it when you set about Changing Things. All these months of similar days slipping imperceptibly into the next, so that Time-as-we-knew-it ceased to exist, and then … Continue reading

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New Things

I’m beginning to think this blog may have had its day. Purportedly it is about “leaving the UK to raise llamas and other animals in France”. Well, what can I say? Been there, done that – movin’ on. If it … Continue reading

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Moments like this are why the early morning dog walk is a Thing of Joy.

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Cat Flappin’

A while back, sick of the nightly trauma of chasing reluctant cats out from inaccessible hiding places behind and under furniture to put them out of the house for the night, Simon decided to fit a cat flap. Despite the … Continue reading

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