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Warning: This post contains scenes of a sentimental nature that some readers may find nauseating.

And so, the 2011 season of The Blanchetière Summer Visitors draws to a wistful close, with the all-too-swift passing of the fourth and final episode. The season finale was the much-awaited visit of my own son, daughter and two-year old … Continue reading

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What To Do

If I’m going to review the third instalment of the 2011 series of The Blanchetière Summer Visitors, I need to get on with it, before episode four begins on Thursday, (with the arrival of my offspring, and my offspring’s offspring). … Continue reading

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Idle Wise

The trouble with my Wise Friend is that she has a tendency to encourage me in the pursuit of my whims. If I hadn’t sat across the table from her at work for three and a half years, I might … Continue reading

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All Dried Up

I want to write a post. I really do. Yesterday I actually got 500 words into one before taking a break to go and do the animal chores. Mistake! Having just returned to it with the intention of completing it … Continue reading

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In praise of . . . . . Acacia

One of the characteristics we were looking for when we chose this farm was an abundance of trees. There is a wide variety here, from the grand oaks under which the female llamas shelter from sun and rain, to the … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things (Still) Are

Val has told of her worries that she had become a destroyer of baby birds.
I thought she was being a little pessimistic and decided to keep an eye on things. As you can see, the nest was certainly pretty exposed … Continue reading

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