Visitors to the farm

Last week the solitude of the farm was dissipated by the arrival of four people and a huge tent. We had visitors – and not just for an hour or two, as they were to stay for a week! What would this be like? What about our precious peace and quiet? How would the llamas react?

Jane had worked with Val, and they were already good friends. But I only knew Jane slightly, and her husband and two daughters not at all. Although I had readily agreed to Val’s suggestion that they should come to stay, on the day of their arrival I was wondering if this would be something we would regret. After all, everyone has heard stories of great friendships being ruined by holidaying together. And I have become more and more of a hermit, relishing the lack of company to the point where even the rare person coming down the lane provokes a sense of intrusion.

I should not have worried. Our first holiday visitors proved to be really pleasant company, and their stay turned out to be a really positive experience. Everyone joined in with farm life and work, and it was great to be able to share some of the delights of our new home.

The llamas took very well to some new carers!

Staying around on the farm seemed to suit everyone and, apart from regular trips to the tip (see later story) and to the fantastic local bakery, we hardly went out all week.

Full set of pictures at this page

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  1. Chris says:

    Looks fun! Will there be another house for sale in England I wonder.

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