Food for thought

I went to the post office the other day to get some stamps. Our local post office is the main office for the area, and it’s where all the local letters are sorted and sent out for delivery. Nevertheless, it’s a tiny place, with only one woman serving customers.

I buzzed at the door (don’t know why, but you have to ring the bell and then they let you in). Surprisingly, there were no other customers so I missed the usual opportunity to play the “how do I decide who’s next to be served when no one will form any recognisable queue” game.

The post-lady passed over a sheet of 10 stamps with a broad grin. “What’s this?” I said, staring at the large, dark-brown stamps, “It looks like chocolate.”

She giggled – obviously I had reacted how she had hoped. “It is chocolate! Smell them!”

I did as instructed, and started to laugh with her.

“The glue tastes of chocolate as well!” she added.

“Really? That’s mad! But good as well . . .”

I left the office with a broad smile of anticipation, and stood in the street happily licking my first chocolate stamp.

So, La Poste has produced stamps that look like, smell like, and taste like chocolate. I have no idea why, but think of the pleasure this must be producing up and down the country . . . . . A nationalised bureaucracy with a sense of humour – how French is that!

You can lick, but you mustn't bite!

You can lick, but you mustn't bite!

PS According to the website of La Poste, these stamps were actually issued in May. Guess it shows how much we are in the backwoods!

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  1. Chris says:

    As a would-be/unsuccessful weight watcher, do you think these stamps could be the answer to my prayers?

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