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Rough stuff

We’re getting rather overcrowded. No, I don’t mean the nine cats. Or the ever-bigger dogs. It’s the llamas I’m talking about.
Even though we are now expecting one baby fewer this year, some of the llamas are still beginning to … Continue reading

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A matter of Life or Death

“Llilas is giving birth — and I don’t think it’s going well!” Val rushed in to the house on Monday afternoon, and departed immediately carrying a pair of binoculars.

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Trap Happy

Job Done!
Both female kitten-cats (hastily named Fifi and Lula, because the vet does like to have names to put on the animals’ records, and we used up the Big Cat/Little Cat/Mother Cat/Tom Cat options long ago) are at this very … Continue reading

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More or Less

One of the problems with me buggering off to Ingurland so frequently to revel in my still fresh-feeling Grandmotherhood, is that Simon gets to spend a lot of time on his own. And when he spends a lot of time … Continue reading

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Grandmother’s Footsteps

When I was a child, with all the time in the world and an empty road to play in with my friends, one of our favourite street games was “Peep Behind the Curtain” (aka Grandmother’s Footsteps; Red Light, Green Light). … Continue reading

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How do you tell if a llama is pregnant?

This may not be a question that has ever concerned you, but bear with me.
On March 24 last year, in the wake of the traumatic biting episode, Lenny was introduced to the females he I had suffered so much to … Continue reading

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