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Trap Happy

Job Done!
Both female kitten-cats (hastily named Fifi and Lula, because the vet does like to have names to put on the animals’ records, and we used up the Big Cat/Little Cat/Mother Cat/Tom Cat options long ago) are at this very … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Were

Having given up work with the intention of freeing ourselves from the Tyranny of the Deadline, we seem to do a remarkably good job of creating them for ourselves. The latest one is my next planned trip to Ingurland, this … Continue reading

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Whilst I sit around contemplating the navel of the Universe, Life Goes On. And, my! Doesn’t it Go On? It doesn’t keep still for a minute. And somehow it feels as if we are always running to catch up with … Continue reading

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Cat Schism

Um. What to write about….? Maybe it’s time for a cat update. The total, as of this minute, is nine. (Maybe ten… but Brown Cat has gone walkabout, and we’ve not seen her for a few days.) What is slightly … Continue reading

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Life’s a Glitch

Today is definitely a Glitch-In-The-Matrix sort of day. It began most oddly when I woke calmly, in the aftermath of a dream which was unlike any of the dreams I usually have. Regular readers may recall that I am afflicted … Continue reading

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Seasons’ Fleetings

I don’t know what happened to Autumn this year. I guess it must have had another party to go to. It sure as hell didn’t stick around here for long. One day I’m giggling in the flurrying scurrying of red … Continue reading

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