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Goodbye Pork Pie

Well that’s it. The pigs have gone. We are sans porcs.
On Wednesday we took our Three Little Piggies to their new home at Camping Moulin de la Geneste in the Corrèze, where they have found new employment as Entertainers of … Continue reading

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Carping the Diem

We are expecting visitors on Saturday. They are coming to see our Three Little Piggies (with a view to taking them to a new life as pets on their small camp site), and to judge us, (and conclude that we … Continue reading

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Beau Constructor

Well, the non-freeziness didn’t last long. Just to teach me to stop moaning about soggy weetabix days, the Universe decided to plonk a bit more of the very-pretty-but-bloody-cold stuff on our part of the world. In the deep early winter, … Continue reading

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Seasons’ Fleetings

I don’t know what happened to Autumn this year. I guess it must have had another party to go to. It sure as hell didn’t stick around here for long. One day I’m giggling in the flurrying scurrying of red … Continue reading

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Lawn Order

There is an odd thing going on with our land. It is a farm. It was always meant to be a farm. It was not meant to be a neat and tidy piece of manicured parkland. But, somehow because of … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Cats and peaches. We have too many of them. There are cats and peaches in buckets. Cats and peaches rolling on window ledges. Cats and peaches always under our feet. They are soft and furry and everywhere you look.

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