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In memoriam

So, Max is gone. But, as they say, not forgotten.

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C’est fait

Okay. So I lied about the crying. I may have just done a teeny weeny bit more when the vet was busy locating a vein in Max’s front leg to insert the syringe, and I was stroking his face, and … Continue reading

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A Date with Death

Today is the last day of Max’s life. I’m not sure that he is making the most of it. But then I’m rather hoping he doesn’t understand that it is his last day. Unless he wants it to be.
The vet … Continue reading

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Angsty Schmangsty

Well. I am alone again for a few days, while Simon is in England, and as usual experiencing the weirdness of the first few hours of solitude. Until I remember how to do ‘being alone’. But, as I sit here … Continue reading

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Irritable Morning Syndrome

Simon is in Moulins at this very minute, having been summoned to an ‘examination’ by the MSA (mutual insurers for farmers) in respect of his recent ‘Professional Illness’. He has gone armed with a barrel-load of literature about the evidence … Continue reading

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Death in the Afternoon?

Well hello again everybody. I’m afraid My Muse is still on vacation, but someone has to write a post, so I thought I’d try to manage without its (his? her?) help. Oops… nearly got endlessly distracted by the question of … Continue reading

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