My weather software tells me, with the ludicrous precision meaningful only to a computer, that Spring doesn’t start here until 12:44 on 20 March.

But we have learned that the accepted first sign of Spring here is the appearance of the almond blossom. We have quite a large almond tree in the garden, which the woodpeckers enjoy for much of the year, and we’ve noticed that the recent warmer, drier weather has stirred it into growth. This week, the weather has deteriorated again (and snow showers are forecast for Friday). Nevertheless, out walking with the llamas, I have been cheered by the sight of lots of new shoots. The llamas have been enthusiastically chewing on a wide range of leaves.

And, suddenly, there is almond blossom all over the place! Anonymous trees are revealed in all their flowery almondness.


Like most flowers, when you look closely almond blossom is stunningly attractive. Unfortunately, the llamas don’t share my enthusiasm . . . . .


Rather surprisingly, in the background you can see some of last season’s almonds

Duc is not very interested in almond blossom.

“Can we get on with walking and eating now please?”

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