Welcome to our llama sale!

Our llamas are now all gone – and this site remains for interest only. We hope the background information might be helpful to someone who is considering keeping llamas for fun or as a business.

We have been raising llamas in France for several years, but we’ve now reached the point where we are ready to retire from the business and spend more time with our grandchildren. All our remaining llamas are now for sale.

On this site, you will find brief details of the animals we have for sale – look at the menu items under “Catalogue” above.

We have also included some pages of background information – look at the menu items under “New to llamas?” above -which we hope will be helpful, especially if you are new to keeping llamas.

Llamas make very satisfying pets for people with some spare land, and they can also generate some income through breeding or tourist activities.

We only sell to owners who are able to offer a proper home to llamas, but don’t be put off if you are inexperienced¬† – we can help with advice and support, before and after purchase.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site, using the links on the navigation bar above. You can contact us by email or phone if you have queries or want to chat about the possibility of buying llamas.

If you are new to llama keeping, you might want to start with the section designed for novices. Otherwise, you can go straight to the catalogue of available llamas.

Four llamas for sale
Llamas for sale as walking companions
Four female llamas for sale