Catalogue – General Information

All of our llamas are now gone.

We have left details on this site for interest only. You can find more information about the llamas we had using the links under the ‘Catalogue’ menu above.

All our llamas are registered with the British Llama Society (there is no single, widely accepted French equivalent yet).

These llamas could be suitable for a wide range of owners.

Neutered males are often seen as ideal for trekking, but they also make excellent field pets, or companions to female llamas.

As a guide, prices for the remaining llamas will vary from around 400€ for a single animal, up to perhaps 800€ for the group of three. Delivery can be arranged anywhere in France at cost (fuel and tolls).

We would suggest that you have a browse through the information about our remaining  llamas, but then contact us to discuss which might be suitable for your needs. We are very happy to discuss possibilities, and to offer you further information and guidance.