New to llamas? – Introduction

This section contains information designed to help novices. Obviously, you are interested in keeping llamas, or you wouldn’t be here! But perhaps you are not sure whether you have the right land for llamas, or you are concerned that you need to be an expert before starting out with these unusual animals.

Here we hope to provide you with simple guidance and information. We have learned ourselves, from study and from first-hand experience, that much of the information on the internet is of doubtful value. We know that sometimes the potential difficulties and problems of keeping llamas are exaggerated. We also know that unscrupulous or uncaring sellers may try to hide the challenges that llama rearing can pose.

Our aim is to be honest and straight forward. Our llamas are our pets, and we are only interested in selling them to people who can offer them suitable homes. We won’t sell a llama to anyone we think is not able to offer them a safe and happy home.

Llamas are very rewarding animals to keep. We hope that the information in this section will be helpful and enlightening. Naturally, we also welcome calls and visits from anyone considering buying from us. For us, the welfare of our llamas is the most important concern, so we will only sell to well informed customers!