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The drains run free

This is the story of the continuing evolution of Plumber Man into Excavator Man.
Armed only with my trusty Takeuchi, and aided by my faithful surveyor/photographer/supervisor, I have transformed the far end of the vegetable garden. What was recently a sewage … Continue reading

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Water Play

Today is the seventh day of summer. Yup – a whole week of summer done and gone already. How many days are there in summer anyway? I suspect the only meaningful answer is ‘Not Enough’.
Today is also the fifth … Continue reading

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The Surge to Victory

Ah. The third day of summer. And at last it feels like it. Sun shines. Washing dries. Pigs snooze. Cats roll in the dust. Grasshopper warblers warble and grasshoppers hop. And Plumber Man declares the day a weekend.
He deserves it. … Continue reading

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Tap Dance (Reprise)

It is raining again today. A lot. Continuously. Another day for staying indoors and failing to complete inside tasks. Also another day when there is nowhere for me to dry the sheets and duvet covers that I need to wash … Continue reading

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On Obstructions and Openings

Just when I thought the plumbing could be put to the back of our minds, and we could instead concentrate on green and pleasant things, we have discovered that the septic tank isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. The … Continue reading

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Postscript to Tap Dance

Two things occurred to me when I was writing yesterday’s post, which were nothing-at-all to do with plumbing. The first was about Penguins and the second was about cats. Let me explain….

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