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Death in the Afternoon?

Well hello again everybody. I’m afraid My Muse is still on vacation, but someone has to write a post, so I thought I’d try to manage without its (his? her?) help. Oops… nearly got endlessly distracted by the question of … Continue reading

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Everything Log Stardate 64015.9

So… Let’s try again.
This is the post I meant to write before I got bogged down in the meaninglessness of existence. And just so that I can immediately get over the paralysing effect of having two weeks worth of … Continue reading

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Cat Log

If someone asked me how many pets we have, I would not find it an easy question to answer. Dictionary definitions say that a pet is “an animal that is tamed or domesticated and kept as a companion or treated … Continue reading

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First of the Summer Whine

For us Northern Hemispherics, today is the longest day of the year and the official First Day of Summer. More poetically, it is Midsummer’s Day – the Sabbat of Litha. In the Pagan Calendar, the Summer Solstice is “a time … Continue reading

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The Expiration of the Unexceptional

Other Chicken is dead.
This leaves only Naughty Chicken from the original four that kicked off our Happy Hen-Owning Days back in 2008. Big Chicken and Pretty Chicken disappeared at the end of August last year, and Naughty Chicken surprised … Continue reading

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Introducing….. “Word Of The Moment”

Simon is out, many miles away, in search of new bits of metal for his tractor (to replace the bits that regularly fall off and disappear into the mud or long grass), and I have another hour before I need … Continue reading

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