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Rough stuff

We’re getting rather overcrowded. No, I don’t mean the nine cats. Or the ever-bigger dogs. It’s the llamas I’m talking about. Even though we are now expecting one baby fewer this year, some of the llamas are still beginning to … Continue reading

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A matter of Life or Death

“Llilas is giving birth — and I don’t think it’s going well!” Val rushed in to the house on Monday afternoon, and departed immediately carrying a pair of binoculars.

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How do you tell if a llama is pregnant?

This may not be a question that has ever concerned you, but bear with me. On March 24 last year, in the wake of the traumatic biting episode, Lenny was introduced to the females he I had suffered so much … Continue reading

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Neighbour from Hell

Imagine you are a peace-loving llama, living with a friend on a farm in the Allier. You have a pleasant field to graze, and a comfortable stable in which you chew hay and pass the time in good company. Next … Continue reading

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Ups and downs

I think I shall always want to keep chickens. They do, however, have disadvantages as well as advantages . . .

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How are the mighty fallen!

Meanwhile, as Val gets to grip with major philosophical questions, the llama drama evolves. Lenny has declined in status. From proud man-biting, female-mounting hero to down-trodden, mocked zero. Lenny is now often excluded from the warm stable at night, and … Continue reading

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