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If Wishes Were Horses

Halloween has been and gone, and I did indeed get my grumpy ass outside amongst the trees to make another wish or two. But, to be honest, when I found the special place, and got my head all silent and … Continue reading

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Cats and peaches. We have too many of them. There are cats and peaches in buckets. Cats and peaches rolling on window ledges. Cats and peaches always under our feet. They are soft and furry and everywhere you look.

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Back and Fourth

And as if that wasn’t enough…
Yesterday, while we were taking the dogs for a (different) walk, Simon and I paused to admire the weird-and-wonderful Heath Robinson creation installed a couple of days ago by the local farmer, to carry water … Continue reading

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So, suppose I am living in a simulated reality. Does it matter? All realities are relative anyway, and since this one seems real enough most of the time, and overall is pretty enjoyable, I guess I can go along with … Continue reading

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And we’re back . . . . .

Val and I have just had our first week away from home together since we moved to France 2½ years ago. Thanks to good friends who came out from England to ‘farm sit’, we were able to leave the animals … Continue reading

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Everything Log Stardate 64015.9

So… Let’s try again.
This is the post I meant to write before I got bogged down in the meaninglessness of existence. And just so that I can immediately get over the paralysing effect of having two weeks worth of … Continue reading

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