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Cat Log Stardate 63974.6

Yes, sadly, I did indeed google ‘Star Trek stardate calculation’ to find out what today’s date would be in Trekky-land. It’s hard to believe how some people spend their lives. What I particularly love about the site I found is … Continue reading

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Cat Log

If someone asked me how many pets we have, I would not find it an easy question to answer. Dictionary definitions say that a pet is “an animal that is tamed or domesticated and kept as a companion or treated … Continue reading

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First of the Summer Whine

For us Northern Hemispherics, today is the longest day of the year and the official First Day of Summer. More poetically, it is Midsummer’s Day – the Sabbat of Litha. In the Pagan Calendar, the Summer Solstice is “a time … Continue reading

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“One cat just leads to another” (A Sequel)

Regular readers may recall a mention I made at the very end of the April Passing post about a stray cat that I had seen heading into our barn with what looked suspiciously like a kitten in her mouth. But … Continue reading

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Postscript to Tap Dance

Two things occurred to me when I was writing yesterday’s post, which were nothing-at-all to do with plumbing. The first was about Penguins and the second was about cats. Let me explain….

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Back to normal?

I’ve seen more of the French health system than I wanted during the last week, but I’ve come away from it feeling well cared for and supported, and acutely away of my limitations.
The hospital in Moulins, our nearest town of … Continue reading

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